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website development for hi-tech companies

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The website now operates in the center of hi-tech business activity

Modern companies invest great efforts in developing their products and services by hiring marketing, and technology experts. They understand that the internet is one of the best platforms for marketing, selling and providing their products and services to their customers 

Investing smartly in building the company website, and using the right tools and knowledge, make the difference between successful and failed sites

A hi-tech company's website, its sophistication and suitability, and the way it operates are important factors in building a successful busines

If you need a CMS site or you have a question about Drupal contact us

Why build a website with Drupal ?

In a fast changing business environment, with increasing competition and an ever-short-in-time, you want to start with a small website, and grow with him along time.


Drupal is an open source, backed by a huge community of programmers world-wide, in use by thousands of Hi-tech company like you. For any new content feature you'll think of, there will be a Drupal solution.


Drupal CMS platform allow building a dynamic and flexible website including the content types of: Page, Book, Event, Image, Forum, survey, RSS, Blog, comments, posts, and more. Your site managers will be able to add and update all the content using an easy to use friendly UI without "coding" at all.


Drupal provide built-in security abilities for user-roles levels of content management, an internal search tool, and is considered to be the best suited for Google SEO, and is tightly connected to the social networks and today's Media: YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Twitter


DevArt builds websites using Drupal, providing standard themes or strategic design by an Art-director, activity reports,google analytics,and support.


Want  to develop your company website?

DevArt professionals recommend the following process:


  • Requirements study and basic Functional description  
  • Data model and detail design documents  
  • Art design, differentiating from competitors  
  • Building a website based on detail design, and art guidelines  
  • QA –making sure the website do what it should 
  • Training – guiding the content-managers how to operate the website 
  • Installation and Maintenance – putting the website up and running  


CMS -Content Management Systems
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Drupal CMS
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DevArt the website you need

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I have worked with DevArt for over a year and I highly recommend them for any drupal needs.


What has impressed me most about Avior, is his loyalty and integrity. He has always been there for my company and because I was a start up company even helped me out on a payment plan. He's also a very hard worker and worked many late nights before my launch


Andrew Gitt

Principal & CMO

Story Time For Me, Inc.


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