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social community website

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Social Community website for internet users

 Communities, social groups, vertical businesses asociations and many others are now operating on the internet for the benefit of their members, strenghening the bonds between members of the group, recruiting new members and operating the group.

 Social community sites become the tribe fireplace of our time, every communication between the leaders of the community and the other members is done using the website, where new types of online conversations are evolving.

If you need a Community site or you have a question about Social-Media contact us

Why social community site in  Drupal?

In the past, the cost of building a community website was high, and only wealthy communities, or those having among them programmers, could keep a high level of content maintenance, the outcome was that most of these community sites were neglected, and did not serve their community members properly.


The Open-source revolution, and Drupal advanced FREE CMS allow building community sites with all type of content: page, book, event, image, video, forum, blog, survey, RSS, user posts, and more. The site managers, and users members of the community may create and update any content, based on predefined user-roles, using a simple and friendly user interface. Without any technical background ! Drupal platform has strong built-in security features as well as an internal search engine

DevArt develops social community sites using Drupal platform allowing using standard and cheep graphic-designs or any sophisticated design done by a professional Art-designer, generating reports on the site's activity and an easy to use interface tailored to the community users' profile


Want to build a social site for your community?

Community site significantly improve the social-connections between members of the community, and is being used to promote the image of the community for the outside world. Social Networks on the internet opens a world of sharing for all of us, any community should use the internet, and the faster the better !


But how can you build the best social site for your community?

DevArt specializes in building social community websites !
We will love to help you understand better your community needs, to present modules appling those needs in social site, and together with you, we'll plan the best social site for your community.

We will build your social website,
You will operate your community using your website.

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I have worked with DevArt for over a year and I highly recommend them for any drupal needs.


What has impressed me most about Avior, is his loyalty and integrity. He has always been there for my company and because I was a start up company even helped me out on a payment plan. He's also a very hard worker and worked many late nights before my launch


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Principal & CMO

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