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Torah Va'Avodah

אתר קהילתי עמותת תורה ועבודה

Community site for Ne'emanei Torah Va'Avodah.

A religious-Zionist movement that seeks to return Religious Zionism to its roots, works to create a thinking religious culture that is open and self-critical, and encourages a courageous halakhic discourse that deals with the challenges of contemporary times. Its orientation aims to promote the values of tolerance, equality, and justice in religious society and to have a real influence on the Jewish-democratic character of Israeli society.

Ella Valley Vineyards

אתר יקבי עמק האלה

An eCommerce website for Ella Valley Wineries, that are considered one of the best in Israel, with a production of over 200,000 bottles a year, all of which are premium quality wines. Approximately 40% of the production is exported, which is unprecedented in Israel's wine industry.


The Ella Valley Wineries produce two series of premium wines:

The World Council of Conservative/Masorti Synagogues

The World Council of Conservative/Masorti Synagogues website

The World Council of Conservative/Masorti Synagogues (Masorti Olami) builds, renews and strengthens Jewish life throughout the world, with efforts that focus on existing and developing communities in Europe, Latin America, the Former Soviet Union, Africa, Asia and Australia. We conduct our activities within the context of the overall Conservative/Masorti movement, in close cooperation with our brothers, sisters and affiliated organizations in North America and Israel.


The site included 4 portals for the 4 organization : Mosorti , Maron ,Mercaz & Noam


wild Life Saving website

WildlifeSaving.org community site

Social community for people supporting the wildlife conservation

by adopting wildlife animals, taking care of their needs, and freeing them back to nature.


The site also educate kids for the important of saving our wild life, and

supports organizations working for this goal


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Drupal CMS
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DevArt- drupal websites
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What has impressed me most about Avior, is his loyalty and integrity. He has always been there for my company and because I was a start up company even helped me out on a payment plan. He's also a very hard worker and worked many late nights before my launch


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